September is National Childhood Cancer Month!

Please help us help the children

The three single greatest challenges a family struggling with childhood cancer faces are:


1. Medical Expenses

2. Transportation Costs

3. Keeping their family in a positive state of mind


It is the mission of Childhood Cancer Society to make sure that families who are down on their luck are equipped to face these challenges and provide the optimal healing environment for their child during their battle with pediatric cancer.


Every dollar raised & social media post made regarding this campaign will directly contribute to the smiles of many children with cancer. Childhood Cancer Society is a 100% volunteer organization, meaning that we do not have any salaried employees as to mitigate expenses and maximize the amount of money that reaches families in need of your support.

Donate To Help The Children

Childhood Cancer Society

Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) began with the vision of a 7-year-old boy, Tommy Head, who realized the importance of having the support of family while being evaluated for childhood leukemia. This life changing experience at a young age was the impetus for later founding CSS.

Due to his condition, Tommy’s physical activities were limited for years. During this time, he found an outlet in acting. He was featured in numerous commercials, print ads, and appeared in serveral esispodes of ABC’s One Life to Live and became a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). At 12 years old, he used the proceeds from his first commerical to make a donation of video game consoles at the hospital that cared for him during his health challenges, and noticed the impact that these pleasent distractions had on his pediatric peers. It was at that moment that Tommy knew he would be helping these families. 

By 16, Tommy’s platelet count fully recovered, and given what felt like a second chance, he used money earned from acting to found Childhood Cancer Society a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. CCS provides funds for medical care, accommodations, and travel expenses to make it possible for families in need to obtain the necessary care for their children. Furthermore, CCS organizes special events and provides gifts to children with pediatric cancer. We believe that these events facilitate a positive state of mind and create an optimal environment for the body to heal. Recipients of our support are recommended to us via hospital social workers who keep an eye out for families who are in need of this support.