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Italian singer/songwriter Alessandro Coli is an Italian singer-songwriter. In 2010 he was a contestant in Io Canto, a talent competition on an Italian television network. In 2011, he released his first single “Sento che,” produced by Italian musician Adriano Pennino. The song climbed the Italian radio charts and was a top 30 hit for over a month. Following the release of his single, 15-year-old Alessandro released his first digital EP, Senza Paura, which was distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Italy. Four years later, he followed that success with his U.S. debut single “My Religion,” which broke the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart in three weeks hitting the #2 breakout spot. His follow-up single, “Flames,” also topped the Billboard Dance Club charts peaking at #22.

Most recently, last year Alessandro released his brand new single “I Betcha” with an exclusive video premiere and interview with MySpace followed by an impressive press and promotional run. He is currently working in New York City on his upcoming EP with JoJo Brim, Chris Liggio, and MJ Songstress. With the release of his forthcoming EP this young Italian pop star is poised to be a global icon.

Alessandro Coli
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Clothing by Versace and Moschino


About My New Song #permission



My Father's Shirt

My father in the late 80's would prowl the discos along the "Rivera Romagnola" in Italy. Of course he had to dress to the highest order, thus he went out and purchased the Versace shirt that I am wearing in the picture. I love the shirt and I love the fact that it belonged to my father. It's great to have that connecion. He told me that he loved to listen to the music and interact with different people, that was the fun in going out .


In the Studio

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